Diabetes Foot Checks

Diabetes Foot Checks

Diabetes is one of my key passions. I want to be at the forefront of raising awareness and helping anyone to keep as well. Be this time, education, assessments or treatments.

Diabetes, a long term chronic condition can cause a number of changes in the lower limb. More importantly they can creep on quietly too.

There needs to be vigilance in looking out for these changes, catching them early and preventing further deterioration too.

So, holistic care which takes into consideration overall management as well as good quality comprehensive foot checks with knowledge to interpret results and mitigate risks too is absolutely the 5 star gold standard. I am pleased to be know and share that this is the standard I work to and so you in turn can feel the safety and satisfaction too.

 The key components of a safe foot check will include the following.


The circulation and the main arteries of the limb that supply the foot need to reviewed for their ability to ensure good quality and quantity of blood circulates in the lower limb. This is conducted by a visual check of signs, discussion about symptoms and an assessment using specialist equipment called a doppler soundwave machine.


The nerves can be damaged by high blood sugar levels. These can be progressing unnoticed which is not a safe place to be. Reviewing protective sensation needs to be classified according to national clinical guidelines. Discussion of symptoms or absence of them to is a key element.


Often the cause of many unnecessary complications it is important to have a comprehensive footwear review to ensure your foot shape style ad size have compatibility. Preventative changes are made sooner rather than later.


Malalignments in walking patterns can put excessive stress on parts of the foot that are not designed to be as over burdened. If highlighted early then things can be done to mitigate what is going on.

Sudden changes to the foot shape needs further and often immediate medical attention to ensure the right type of treatment is started.


Any wound on the foot needs to be managed well until is has healed well. Anyoe with diabetes this is even more the case as the risk of infection and complication is so much higher. Depending on the cause of the wound, size as well as duration wounds need specialist attention to help them heal and make sure that a future episode does not occur again.

Joint issues

The ankle, knee and hip are 3 of the largest joints in the body and lower limb. They are weightbearing and active in multiple directions too.

As a Podiatrist, we are trained in understanding the coordination of these joints. When I see people with pain in the foot, it can often be tracked back to changes in the larger joints. Pain in the hip knee and ankle can be tracked back to the foot joints and their malalignment.

The leg acts as a unit, change 1 thing often changes something else too.

Below are some of the commonest joint conditions that I see in my patients and how if you suffer from these conditions then lets see how I can help you enjoy all you want to do.

Callus corns and dry skin are the dangerous key ingredients that lead to terrible wounds, infection and in some case amputation. Having a detailed review with me we can ensure we take some easy simple steps so these troublesome painful things don’t occur for you.
Please enquire if you want to have the opportunities to discuss your worries and concerns in a bit more detail. It would be my absolute pleasure to help and support you.

Diabetes Coaching

Living with Diabetes can bring up crazy rollercoaster emotions – from fear to upset, shame to anger.

Managing them so you are feeling like you are back in the driving seat of your own life is in my humble opinion the absolute key to long term success. If you are newly diagnosed or recognizing that you are struggling emotionally in some way too – then some personalized discussion, coaching and sharing of clever simple tools can help you get out of the pickle.

Visit here www.zap-diabetes.com and stop the suffering

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