Why People Choose Us?

The hours vary depending on the day that you are preferring to arrange an appointment on. The best thing to do is to call and discuss. Evening and weekend appointment are available too which makes it easier for people working as well as seeing children too.

During your screening call you will be asked of any covid symptoms including cough and temperature too. Enquries will be made about members of your family too. Please raise any sysmptoms that you may have including the symtpoms of anyone on your household. In addition if anyone in your household is self isolating this too needs to be shared.

On the day of the appointment a mask will need to be worn by everyone in the room. Hands sanitizing. I will be wearing full ppe including a clinical uniform too.

All I ask is that you keep a towel or 2 spare for yourself and if possible a stool or a chair clear.

A full clinical history is taking incluing medication list. The symptoms and the the problems that are occurring are discussed. An examination is conducted. Findings are discussed. Once confirmed and consented any confirmed treatment is continued.

Currently I am inbetween fixed clinical locations which actually means that you absolutely benefit by getting a bespoke home visit appointment at the same price. 

You can contact me via phone on 07973827755 or email on

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    We Provide the highest level of satisfaction care & services to our patients.

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